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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Two Shekel Coin Coming Out This Fall

(Image: Sketch of the two shekel coin. Credit: Ha'aretz)

Israel is finally scheduled to release the long awaited two shekel coin (previously reported here last year).

The coin will appear in Israeli wallets everywhere later on this fall, and may quickly become a favorite, especially among cab drivers.

(Ha'aretz) Meet the two-shekel coin, coming soon to a wallet near yours. Today the first, small, shipment of the coin arrived at the Bank of Israel for technical inspections. [...]

Before deciding to mint the new coin, the Bank of Israel conducted surveys among the public and sectors that commonly use cash, such as taxi companies and banks. It found widespread support for the two-shekel coin.

To my surprise, Israel has no mints of its own (according to the Ha'aretz) so the coins will be flown in from the outside.

With the two shekel coin making headways, I wonder what will happen with the original shekel coin?

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