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Friday, May 18, 2007

Video: Jerry Seinfeld To Visit Israel

(Hat Tip: What War Zone??)

One of the greatest comedians of television prime time has decided to take a small detour in the Holy Land in order to promote an upcoming film.

(Ynet News) Jerry Seinfeld is scheduled to visit Israel in November to promote the new animated film, "Bee Movie." [...]

The movie tells the story of a male bee (dubbed by Jerry Seinfeld) who graduated college and is disgruntled by the fact that his only option is to manufacture honey. The bee hangs out in New York City where he befriends a flower salesgirl.

No word on whether Jerry Seinfeld will perform or not, but either way his visit will sure make many Israeli Seinfeld fans happy.

For those wondering what the film looks like, here is a preview of the flick below.

More details over at

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