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Friday, May 18, 2007

IBM Israel Taking Care Of Business

Despite the hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of software applications out there for businesses, sometimes its hard to find one program that fits your needs.

Although larger (or more affluent) companies can simply contract or employ an IT developer to create an application from scratch, most small businesses do not have that luxury, forcing them to simply use something "off the shelf."

Unless of course they have heard about what IBM Israel is doing, that is.

(Israel 21st Century) They've just announced their Development Engagement Service (DevEngage), a free Web application development tool with a simple user-interface to allow people without technical skills in small businesses and other organizations to create applications that solve daily tasks. [...]

"This new application development tool will let users with no software development expertise skill create online forms with ease that complete routine tasks," said Gal Shachor, project lead for this technology at the IBM Research Lab in Haifa. "IBM wants to ensure that users at small and medium-sized businesses are able to capitalize on modern Web 2.0 technologies in a simple, user-friendly way."

This technology is simple, yet elegant, and best of all it may ultimately prove to be very useful for everyone ranging from corporate secretaries to entrepreneurs needing to sort info from the daily grind.

Users can preview the web application over at alphaWorks Services, although they will need to register an account with IBM in order to give it a demo test.

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