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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Holocaust Hero Saved 2500 Jewish Children

(Image: Irena Sendler being awarded with the Order of Smile in Poland, Credit: AP via Jerusalem Post)

During one of the greatest tragedies of history, a brave polish woman decided to risk death and torture in order to save as many Jewish kids as possible.

Despite her heroism many decades ago, it seems as if the world (not to mention the many survivors) are now seeking to contact this woman who has affected so many lives.

(Jerusalem Post) The pilgrims keep coming, seeking out the fragile 97-year-old woman in black in her tiny nursing home room filled with pictures and flowers.

The attention tires Irena Sendler sometimes. She never sought credit for smuggling 2,500 Jewish children out of the Warsaw Ghetto anyway. Not for risking execution to save other people's children, or holding out under torture by the Nazis, or enduring decades as a nonperson under the communist regime that followed. [...]

"I'm very tired - it's too much for me," Sendler said recently of the incessant visits, during a brief meeting with an Associated Press reporter. And giving a little laugh, she added a bit sadly: "I feel my age."

This woman did a lot of work insuring that these kids survived! She not only smuggled the children under the noses of the Nazi's, but gave them fake names in order to help them evade detection.

She also made sure that the children's real names remained with them, so that they would never lose their Jewish identity. One of the children (who is now an adult herself) calls this woman "my Polish mother" and Sendler has even been nominated for a Nobel Peace prize by her country.

Although I could go on about this womans courage, the Jerusalem Post has written an excellent article highlighting how she smuggled the children away from danger, as well as what happened when the Nazi's caught her.

So stop reading this blog, and read the rest of her story.

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