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Monday, May 07, 2007

Jerusalem Mayor Parades In New York

(Image: New York Mayor Bloomberg and Jerusalem Mayor Lupolianski, Credit: AP via Jerusalem Post)

At an American Israel parade Jerusalem mayor Uri Lupolianski found himself among tens of thousands of supporters who came out to celebrate Israel's founding in 1948. And right beside him step by step was none other than Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York city.

(Jerusalem Post) Thousands of Israel supporters marched up Fifth Avenue on Sunday in the Salute to Israel Parade commemorating the 1948 founding of the Jewish state.

Marchers sang "Hava Nagila," and waved the Star of David flag; many carried colorful paper torches indicating that Israel is the Biblical "light unto the nations." [...]

"I love the spirit," said Noa Brandes, 13. "It's like a big family, everyone who loves Israel."

Parade organizers said there were more than 100,000 marchers. Hundreds of spectators wearing "I (heart) Israel" buttons and stickers lined the parade route between 56th and 79th streets.

The only depressing thing about this parade was the very fact that I wasn't there to attend! (better luck next year I hope)

Israel's popularity in America seems to be as strong as ever, with no signs of going away anytime soon. From what I hear from my Israeli friends, the feeling is very mutual, one of the reasons I love living in this country.

Hopefully we will see more parades like these across the country, and for many years to come.

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