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Monday, May 07, 2007

Kosher Corporations In Vietnam?

(Image Credit: Clinton Foundation)

I knew that Israel has corporate influence in the east, but I never suspected that their influence extended well into Vietnam.

(Israel National News) With Agriculture Minister Shalom Simchon on his way to Vietnam for an official visit, it has been reported that no fewer than 200 Israeli companies are doing business in Vietnam - including 40 that began this year. So says Export Institute Director Yechiel Asiyah. [...]

Israel's exports to Vietnam have grown by 3% since last year, and now total $36.6 million. Israel's chief exports to Vietnam are mineral and mining products ($9.8 million), telecommunications ($9.7 million, a growth of 35%), and chemicals ($6.6 million).

Although Vietnam is not known for having an exactly "pleasant history" (or even a "pleasant present"), it is good to see them reaching out towards other nations in order to improve themselves--technologically wise at least.

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