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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Camera d'Or Prize Awarded To Israeli Film

A film by Shira Geffen and Etgar Keret has won an award for best debut feature.

(Ynet News) "Meduzot," the young authors' first film, is based on a script written by Geffen and directed by her and her husband, author Etgar Keret, and tells the story of three women in Tel Aviv. [...]

The movie's producer, Amir Harel, told Ynet he was thrilled by the news. "The award is an extremely important accomplishment. The financial award (of about $200,000) will help us with the distribution and is an incentive to create another film. There's no doubt this has been a very good year for Israeli cinema."

I was unable to locate a video preview of the film, although the reviews of the film are quite impressive. If I find a video preview online (or at least a place where one can order the film) I'll post an update over here.

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