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Friday, May 18, 2007

India See's Israel As A "Preferred Ally"

Although there seems to be some "squawking" amongst the Indian left, the government of India has reaffirmed that the ties between the Asian sub-continent and Israel will remain strong--at least militarily.

(The Economic Times) The Left may be seeking the downgrading of New Delhi's ties with Tel Aviv, but Israel continues to be India's preferred destination for accessing arms and weapons systems. Defence minister A K Antony told the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday that that over $5-billion worth of defence purchases were made from Israel between 2002 and 2007. [...]

The decision to strengthen ties with Israel is a clear rejection of the Left's demand for ending military cooperation with Tel Aviv. As Israel plays a key role in the conclusion of over 200 agreements for agricultural development in crucial areas like drip irrigation, greenhouse technology and horticulture in India, the UPA government considers it as a valuable ally.

Although the main reason India is seeking to maintain these ties is because of military interests, their eyes seem to be focusing attention on Israel's "greener side."

Known for hosting well over a billion residents, India can ill-afford to sideline a friend like Israel, especially one who seeks to benefit the world's largest democracy.

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