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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

BusinessWeek Getting Kosher

One of the worlds most influential business magazines has decided to make it easier for Israeli's to keep up to date with the latest corporate news happening around the globe.

(Globes Online) Hirsch Media is going to publish a Hebrew-language "Businessweek". Sources inform "Globes" that the company and the publisher of "Businessweek" recently signed an agreement for this purpose. Hirsch Media confirmed the report

The first issue of "Businessweek Israel" will be published in September. Sources said that "Businessweek Israel" will be published every two weeks and sold by both subscription and at newsstands.

This is probably a smart move for BusinessWeek, as Israel is quickly rising as an attractive place to work, with companies like Google, AOL, Microsoft and Intel actively recruiting the best minds (or buying them) in an attempt to stay on step ahead of the competition.

According to Globes, the Hebrew version of the magazine will be launching in September, although no specific date has been mentioned.

Note: I wonder if the magazine will either be a translation of what BusinessWeek publishes in English, or a spin off with an Israeli twist?

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