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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Singapore Excited To Trade With Israel

Singapore it seems is really looking forward to establishing greater economic ties with the Israeli state.

(Channel News Asia) IE Singapore's first trade mission to Israel has been fruitful with potential for several deals to be struck.

The business delegation comprising some 12 Singapore companies held some 40 meetings with Israeli counterparts on day one of the four-day event.

Israel is home to many high technology companies, and there is hope that some of their innovations could be transferred to Singapore to test-bed new products.

Like Japan, Israel is quickly establishing itself as the tech envy of the world. With major companies such as Microsoft, AOL, Intel and Google courting the Jewish state, it comes to no surprise that other nations are taking notice (and lining up to gain influence inside Israel).

Note: Is it me, or is Israel's influence increasing in the east faster than it is in the west?

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