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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Jewish Invention Could Save American Truckers Gas

With gases in America reaching an all time high (or at least according to those buying gas at $3 per gallon), this smart invention may help trucking agencies reduce the amount of gas they use while delivering goodies across the US.

(Israel National News) Israeli researchers at Tel Aviv University have developed a device which is likely to save the U.S. trucking industry some $400 million per year. The drag reduction device, an actuator, was exhibited at the "World's Best Technologies Showcase" in Texas.

Through the combined action of suction and pulsed blowing of airflow, the device reduces drag in a controlled manner when it is attached to the back of the truck or trailer.

It's great for them to have this device for truckers in the states, although I wonder if they would consider inventing something similar for the average car? Hmm...

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