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Monday, May 07, 2007

Perspective: Tourist Views Israel In All Her Glory

You will have to read the entire article to understand the author's perception of Israel (which she admits is hard to describe) but her encounter with the Jewish state is very similar to the one I had (except my view of Israel before visiting was a lot more horrific).

(NY The dry and dusty image I had of Israel is totally wrong. In early spring, before Passover, the country is green and glorious. Wildflowers bloom on Mount Tabor and even in the Negev desert.

And the simplistic vision I had of a completely Jewish Israel? Another error. Yes, Israel is a Jewish state - but it is also 16 percent Muslim, and its language, its savory food, the city populations are all scrambled up like falafel, with spicy sprinklings of Druze, Christian, Ba'Hai, ancient Egyptian, Crusader, Phoenician, Turk, Persian, Roman, Greek, Syrian, British and who knows what else floating in the breeze.

Marco Polo slept here. So did Mark Twain. So did King David, Saladin, Salome, Jesus and Napoleon.

Israel (at least to me) reminds me of an international smorgsboard that blends the far east with the distant west, not to mention a pound (or two) of the local middle east flavor in between.

There is more to Israel than meets the eye, and one can only really appreciate (or at least begin to understand) the country by either visiting the nation for at least a month or better yet, actually live there for a year.

Although the writer did describe Israel as a nation that is constantly alert (which would be accurate) she does do a great job of describing some of the interesting (and perhaps humorous) scenes one might see while visiting the "old city" in Jerusalem.

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