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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Will Japan Invest In Israel?

I guess after the kosher cookie swept the land of the rising sun away, Israel is looking to increase its presence within Japan.

(Globes Online) Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Labor foreign trade administration director of Asia Pacific division Amiram Halevy-Laher said that the investment houses and corporations attending the forum has invested $500 million in Israel in recent years, and that the event had drawn substantial interest from Japanese companies.

Addressing the forum, Fischer urged the Japanese executives to invest in Israel. According to Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor bilateral trade agreements division director Boaz Hirsch, the event represented yet a further indication of the warming of economic relations with Japan. This has been seen primarily in a new openness towards Israel, and an interest on the part of the Japanese, to form economic ties.

Israel has already begun partnering with China, and it looks like it wants to deepen its economy with the eastern economic powers that be (at least for now). Unlike Israel, Japan is recognized globally as a technology leader, and Israeli exposure could help both nations maintain a competitive edge within their respective regions.

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