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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Jewish Hands Rock Out PlayStation3

For those of you who are gamers (I use to be a heavy one several years ago) you may be surprised to discover that one of the major game consoles sold last year received some much needed help from several Israelis.

(Israel 21st Century) Moshe Leibowitz has never been much of a Playstation fan. But that didn't stop the manager of circuit technologies at the IBM Haifa Development Lab from heading a team that played an integral role in developing the new Sony Playstation3.

Leibowitz's Israeli team helped develop the Cell Broadband Engine chip controller conceived by the Sony-Toshiba-IBM (STI) team which powers the Playstation3 console. [...]

"My team is quite young, most of them are around 30, so they have some gaming background," Leibowitz told ISRAEL21c with a laugh, while confiding that he had never sat behind the controls.

I think the last Sony game console that I've laid my fingers on was the original PlayStation, although it quickly lost its appeal once PC's started to come out with better graphics and video cards.

Either way, I've heard great reviews of PlayStation 3 on television, as well as online. If Israeli "geeks" did an excellent job rocking out Sony's game console, we may see more of their influence on other platforms in the future.

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