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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Can Spielberg Create Peace In The Middle East?

Steven Spielberg is planning to create a new film in order to promote peace between the Palestinians and Israelis. The major difference between this film, and his previous ones is that he won't be in the pilot's seat directly shooting the film.

(Israel Today) Upon arrival in Israel to promote the film, Spielberg will distribute 100 small video cameras to Israelis and 100 to Palestinians. Their assignment will be to document their daily lives, which Spielberg will combine the footage for his new film. [...]

"The youngsters will be busy filming instead of throwing Molotov bottles and they will get a chance to see how the other half lives," said Spielberg. "Furthermore they will come to realize that we are all human beings who wish to live in peace. I want you to make movies not war."

This idea has already received praise from Dan Gillerman, Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations who hopes that this project will not only unite the individuals who make the film, but also hopes that this will turn into "something much bigger."

If so, scenes like this will hopefully become more popular in the future.

Note: It also seems as if Spielberg is considering forming joint film academies in Tel Aviv and Ramallah. If so, I wonder if he will link up either of them via internet and video?

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