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Monday, February 19, 2007

And All Of The Pregnant Women Rejoiced!

With all of the stress of a woman carrying a child, it looks like one electronic invention will remove one painful test out of the lives of pregnant women everywhere.

(Israel 21st Century) Traditionally, monitoring the progress of labor must be done through intrusive and repeated manual examinations. Measurements are generally obtained every one to four hours by inserting the fingers towards the cervix. Measured by finger-lengths and not objective measurements, multiple examinations even by the same person often provide varied results. These uncomfortable examinations increase stress and anxiety for birthing mothers while increasing health risks.

The CLM uses proprietary ultrasound technology to monitor the progression of labor. Signals from disposable sensors track cervix dilation and fetal head descent, providing continuous and accurate data throughout the birthing process. The results are available in real-time on a user-friendly monitor visible to both the medical team and the birthing mother.

It looks as if the women in the article are enjoying the benefits of this technology as much as the doctors (if not more). Unfortunately this technology has not traveled beyond Israel's borders, although they are trying to introduce this technology to the medical community (as well as some colleges) in the US.

Note: I was going to include the press image, but in order to keep this site "family friendly."

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