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Saturday, February 10, 2007

An Israeli Festival In Manhattan?

Great! Here is one party I would love to go to, but I am almost a thousand miles away from the event!

And in one of my favorite cities too! (after Tel Aviv that is)

(Israel Today) The Jewish Community Center (JCC) of Manhattan in partnership with Israel’s Foreign Ministry have found a way to bring Israeli culture to the world, spicing up New York City with some Israeli flavor during the 6th annual Israeli Non-Stop Festival.

The festival is a non-stop marathon celebrating today's Israeli artists by showcasing them in the Big Apple.

The six-day event, scheduled for the end of February, will feature Israeli singer Mosh Ben-Ari. Ben-Ari was born in Israel, but with his Yemenite and Iraqi background, he mixes guttural Middle Eastern sounds into his blend of rock, reggae and world music.

They will also be hosting hummus samples for everyone to enjoy for free, not to mention some Israel jazz! For those of you who enjoy wine, there will be some taste testing there as well.

Perhaps the folks at Isrealii could cover this for all of us unable to attend. (with video of course!)

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