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Friday, February 02, 2007

Of Israeli Doctors And Iraqi Fathers

Now this is something you do not hear about everyday. A father from Iraq has to choose between regional hatreds and saving his daughters life.

Fortunately for her, he decided to defy the status quo and opted to save her life.

(Israel Today) Faced with the choice of saving his daughter's life while potentially jeopardizing his family in northern Iraq, Abu Sakar chose life.

It wasn't a hard decision for the father of three, but it was one laden with great risk as he left his home town in northern Iraq to head to Israel.

"Yes there was a danger in coming here, but they gave me a dream," Abu Sakar said as he watched his now healthy 10-year-old daughter, Sakar, bounding through the Old City in Jerusalem and shyly smiling for the camera.

Sakar was diagnosed with a fatal heart disease and would have died without a specific surgery that she could not get in Iraq. In a most unlikely scenario, a Christian organization, Shevet Achim, brought this Iraqi family to Israeli doctors for a new chance at life.

Abu Sakar's visit to the holy land changed his entire world view about Israel, revealing a land filled with "wonderful and kind" people as apposed to the "evil Zionists" often seen on Arabian TV.

Now if Abu could discover that Jews are not all that bad, then their may be some hope for the media. :-)

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