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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Penguins, Neutrinos And Antarctica, Oh My!

Well, there were no penguins mentioned in this article, but they did mention a Jewish scientist studying neutrinos in a place I would love to visit (but never live)--the frozen continent of Antarctica.

(Israel Today) Hagar Landsman of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology is the only Israeli participating in the "Ice Cube" research project in Antarctica along with physicists from around the world.

She and physicists from other parts of the world are conducting research on sub-atomic particles called neutrinos. [...]

"The conditions here are not easy," she said. "It's very cold and dry, and there isn't enough oxygen. In this season of the year, there is daylight round the clock, the rooms are tiny and one can shower only twice a week for two minutes."

Sounds almost fun. Apparently Hagar is using this to help all of us understand our universe a little bit more (via astrophysics). I wish her and her team all the luck and prayers in the world.

But for the life of me I would not trade places with her, as Antarctica is way too cold for me (and that is coming from somebody who enjoys snow).

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