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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Vringo Suggests Video Tones Over Ring Tones?

Vringo, Image Credit: Israel 21st Century
I'm sure that everyone who is anyone who has a cell phone is familiar with ring tones, as well as where to pay to download your favorite song as the mobile chime.

But it seems that a company called Vringo is asking "Why use an audio tone when you can upload a video tone instead?"

(Israel 21st Century) "The idea is as you move from audio to video in choosing your ring tone, you're moving from the individual to the community," explained Medved from his startup's offices in Beit Shemesh, halfway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

"Until now, you chose a ring tone for yourself - for instance The Rolling Stones, and that describes something about you to those around you when your phone rings. But otherwise it doesn't tell any story about yourself. In enabling people to share video clips - a snippet of comedy show or a joke, or to their own 10-second video message with their cell phone camera saying something like "Get up!" or "Why are you avoiding me?" - then it becomes something that you're not creating for yourself, but for your friends."

According to Vringo VP Benjamin Levy, "video greetings are a much better expression of who you are."

After checking out the FAQ, Vringo is free for all, although you will have to pay for licensed video's. They still seem to be in beta (so no review of the phone technology over here) but hopefully Engadget (or their mobile site) will post a review of this mobile kosher technology.

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