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Friday, July 07, 2006

Swimming Pool Named After Ron Arad

Ron Arad, an Israeli air force navigator who has been missing for well over 20 years is being honored by having a swimming pool named after him.

( Friends of captured air force navigator Ron Arad on Friday morning held a swimming event in the Kinneret, signifying 20 years since he fell into enemy hands. Taking part in the event were members of AradÂ’s pilot training course.

One of Arad's classmates, Adi Pereg, began a 20km (12 mile) swim, followed by others in kayaks. Following the swim, a ceremony was held, attended by members of the Arad family.

Arad has been missing since 1986 and it is currently not known whether he is alive or not. He disappeared over Lebanon and has not been seen ever since. If alive, hopefully his God (via IDF) can rescue him as he probably would enjoy swimming in his own pool.

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