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Friday, July 14, 2006

Rafael Awarded A Million Dollars From Pentagon

It looks like the Pentagon will be using Israeli technology to protect its American forces in Iraq thanks to the Rafael Armament Development Authority.

(Globes Online) The Pentagon has awarded Rafael Armament Development Authority Ltd. $1 million for the development of active protection system, called "Trophy" ahead of possible trials on armored fighting vehicles (AFVs) operating in Iraq. Rafael Armament Development Authority Ltd. is now completing development of the Trophy for the IDF Land Forces Command, and is about to begin full production. [...]

Rafael's Trophy system includes threat detection and warning subsystem and countermeasures.

Ironically, their main compeittor, Israel Military Industries claims to have a better protection system called the "Iron Fist" which they claim to be better than Rafael's Trophy.

Both of these Israeli companies seem to be rivals, although I am sure that the Pentagon wouldn't mind using technologies from either one of them to protect their troops in Iraq.

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