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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Singapore Studies Venture Capital, Industry Relationship From Israelis

It looks like the kosher brethren from the middle east are going to help teach their friends from the far east how to network, research and raise funds for their businesses.

(Globes Online) A delegation of senior Singapore National Research Foundation (NRF) officials visited Israel to study the Israeli model of cooperation and investment between research institutes and industry and venture capital funds. [...]

Opper said a Singaporean global study of industrial R&D found that the two leaders in patents for commercial use derived from academic research registered each year were Israel and Finland. Singapore therefore decided to focus its study on these two countries. Singapore is analyzing Israel's model for R&D and decided to send a delegation to Israel in order to view Israel's academic infrastructure and its R&D collaboration with industry.

When it comes to business, Israelis generally have a knack on how to operate one successfully. Despite the conflict, Israel seems to be still attracting businesses and governments seeking advice, technology or scientific help which is a testament to Israel's determination to thrive in the mid-east desert.

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