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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Israel's Jewish Population Surpasses America

Israel can now officially boast that it is the home of the world's Jewish population after finally surpassing the US in the latest census. Although the kosher state has been aggressively promoting the return of its people to the holy land, their latest numbers have nothing to do with emigration.

(JEWSWEEK) For the first time in 2000 years -- since the Romans destroyed their temple, burned their capital and expelled them from their land, Israel is home to more Jews than any other nation on Earth.

The Jewish State, with over 5.8 million members of the tribe, at last surpassed the United States, demographers say, citing census statistics. They say the reason is not immigration but birth rate. Israel is the only place in the world where Jewish population is actually increasing.

With the Jewish population increasing in the middle east via birth rate, it should make it easier for Israel to promote the right of return for its people. Israel is one of the only nations on Earth to have been displaced for well over a millennia and a half.

Hopefully more of their people (especially the talented ones) will return to make this nation stronger economically as she can use all of the help she can get.

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