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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Superman Super Jewish?

(Hat Tip: Inside Orkut)

Apparently the man of steel was not only allergic to kryptonite, he also could not eat pork. It seems that Superman is Jewish, and he even has the roots to prove it.

( Superman is Kal-El of the family that had been known on Krypton as "The House of El," in Hebrew Beit El, which means "The House of God." Over the nearly seven decades since Superman first appeared, there have been numerous Jewish connections from Jewish creators Siegel and Shuster to Jewish director of Superman Returns, Bryan Singer.

The story has been told that 16-year-olds Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster didn't work on their comic strip on Thursday nights. They had nothing to draw on. Mama Shuster needed her challah board.

Superman seems to be nothing more than a modern day parable of Moses in the basket escaping doom and living with foreigners where he would not only be safe but also be a hero. Superman follows that to the letter, except the basket is a rocket ship and his home world explodes. Superman even had some characteristics of Samson, although the artists later on decided to drop the sandals for red boots.

Either way this kosher superhero inspires millions today and it is good to see that his story goes deeper than the suit he wears.

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