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Monday, July 24, 2006

Israeli Press-Sense Collaborates With Xerox

Despite the war in Lebanon, it looks like good news is still rolling out in the Kosher state--at least in the business arena.

(Globes Online) Israeli start up Press-Sense has expanded its cooperation with print technology giant Xerox. A week ago, the company reached an OEM agreement with Xerox Corporation (NYSE XRX) under which Press-sense will provide Xerox with the latest version of Xerox Web Services software. Press-Sense's income from the long-term collaboration with Xerox is expected to exceed $10 million. [...]

The latest collaboration between the companies enables Xerox to provide software that enables printing direct from the Internet. Xerox has integrated Press-sense's iWay Prime solution into its Web Services software. Customers will be able to use the solution to confirm or purchase printing jobs from a printing press through the company's website.

Xerox decided it would be better to partner with Press-Sense than to simply go it alone. Probably a wise move when entering any nation, especially Israel as some companies do not fare to well when entering the Jewish state.

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