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Friday, July 21, 2006

Could Israel Resolve Our Energy Woes?

With gas prices becoming more of a burden worldwide, many people are looking for alternative sources of energy around the globe. With most resources either too costly or non-renewable, many people are looking towards the Sun--and Israel seems to be leading the way by reducing the cost.

(Israel 21st Century) "The future belongs to renewable energy," Brad Collins, Executive Director of the American Solar Energy Society told National Geographic News several years ago. Israel will play an integral part in building that future, particularly in light of a recently proposed Congressional bill granting Israel $120 million over five years for energy research and development. Frontrunners in the alternative arena, Israel's scientists are at the vanguard of finding innovative yet affordable fuel and energy options. [...]

"The process is similar to what we did as children where we used a magnifying glass to burn paper and etch our name onto wood. Here we use a mirror instead of a magnifying glass" to collect and concentrate solar power, says [company CEO and co-founder Ph.D Daniel] Kaftori. "At the focal point there is high intensity sunlight and heat which makes it possible to utilize the energy at a very high efficiency - much higher than in other solar technologies."

This technology has the optimal or best use around the "sun belt" region which is a region between 34 degrees latitude, north and south. This technology has the potential to benefit third world nations within the sunbelt, although people living in the northern United States, Canada, Russia and most of Europe will be unable to use it.

Testing has already begun in Israel (with positive results) and is expected to expand towards the US within a year.

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