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Friday, July 21, 2006

A Million Dollars Raised For Jewish Children

A Jewish organization has committed to donating one million dollars in order to transport children from cities being bombed in the north towards camps in the center of the Kosher state.

( The United Jewish Communities committed $1 million toward a Jewish Agency for Israel effort to evacuate children living near fighting in northern Israel. [...]

"The ability to raise $1 million in a couple of hours for children on the confrontation line is an expression of the feeling of our common destiny," said the agencyƂ’s chairman, Zeev Bielski. Nearly a dozen North American federations are committing funds to the effort, as are the Jewish Agency, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and Keren Hayesod-United Israel Appeal.

The funds will allow Jewish children to enroll in camps, with the latest donation allowing 2,000 kids to begin attending these camps within a week. This will allow parents to continue working in dangerous cities and perhaps give the children a chance to breathe and play without the threat of bombings.

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