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Monday, March 03, 2008

Video: Israel To Seek Out Wind Power

If you had to decide between polluting your skies or being powered by them, which option would you choose?

While oil (and gas) are still major players as far as energy goes, Israel is placing a huge stake in wind power in order to help them become energy independent.

(Israel 21st Century) Long and elegant, wind turbines are expected to become a new fixture of the Israeli skyline. As part of its bid to decrease greenhouse gases and search for new and renewable energy sources, Israel plans for five percent of its national energy needs to be supplied by the wind, by 2012. [...]

With financing of some $100 million expected to come from Afcon Industries, part of Shmeltzer's Shlomo Group, Israel's leading car rental, leasing and services company and a holding company for diverse industrial outfits, the parties are currently negotiating with local regulators in order to install two new wind farms in Israel - one in the Arava Desert in the south of Israel, and one in the north. It is estimated that 150 megawatts of energy will be produced by the new venture.

Despite the fact that Israel is already pursuing ways of extracting energy from nuclear waste, olive pits and cow manure (not to mention traditional solar energy as well), using wind turbines may prove to be an effective way to diversify its energy needs.

While green energy has a long way to go before it can replace its more "pollutant friends," Israel seems to be exploring all options which may together help free the tiny Jewish state from dependence upon foreign oil.

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