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Monday, March 03, 2008

Israel: A Weight Loss Wonder Drug To Help The Obese?

In our day and age of super sized meals and busy schedules, one often wonders how kids (and adults) can lose weight safely without taking up too much time at the gym.

While experts agree that dieting and exercise are probably the best ways to lose weight, for some that may not be enough to lose those pounds, especially if you have to schedule in sleep!

Fortunately it seems as if an Israeli company has come up with a unique and (thus far) safe way to help people lose weight by killing their appetite for the foods causing them to gain it in the first place.

(Israel 21st Century) In response to this dilemma, Israeli researcher Dr. Nir Barak has developed what could be a weight-loss wonder drug. Working with drug company Obecure, Barak has developed a new formulation called Histalean which is based on betahistine, an approved drug marketed worldwide for the treatment of vertigo. Betahistine has been available to health authorities for over 30 years and is therefore already FDA-approved.

Histalean has been found to quell the desire to consume fatty foods, particularly in women under the age of 50. The pill works by activating chemical agents that reduce appetite.

By killing off the appetite, Barak may enable some people to regain control over their eating habits and hopefully drop a few pounds in the process.

Even though a "cure all" for obesity is probably decades away (at least medically wise), this drug may help those who just simply have a hard time resisting the double whopper at their favorite fast food restaurant.

(Image Credit: Burger King's Double Whopper, via Japan Today)

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