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Monday, March 24, 2008

Video: Can Israel Win The Dessert Dish Olympics?

While Israel is attempting to win the gold in the upcoming Olympics in China, there is another international sport where a Jewish contestant is not only seeking to dominate the arena, but also fill up a few bellies as well.

(Israel 21st Century) This year, Asher Toubkin, Israel's premiere chocolate sculptor, is confident that his team has a shot at taking first place at the Open de desserts de France (French Dessert Open) International Dessert Awards at the Paris Expo in the Porte de Versailles on March 30. [...]

The competition is indeed high-pressure. In just under five hours (including a half-hour allotted to clean-up), each team must create from scratch and present to judges: a showpiece exclusively made of sugar, a showpiece exclusively made of chocolate, and 10 identical desserts made from a combination of chocolate and fruit (one for each judge to taste, plus one for display), all around a particular theme. Pieces are judged based on the methodologies employed by the chefs, cleanliness, creativity, artistic presentation, attention to detail, time, and of course, taste.

Hopefully Toubkin is able to pull off a victory in France, as it could help yet another country to acquire a taste of Israeli treats (the previous ones being Japan and Australia).

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