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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Israeli Greenhouses To Help India Grow More Food

(Image: Inside a Rizkalla Brothers Greenhouse, Credit: Rizkalla Brothers Limited)

If growing food is good, growing even more is definitely better.

While farmers in India have helped their nation grow the necessary items to "fill the tummy," it looks as if an Israeli company may give them an extra boost using greenhouses.

(Fresh Plaza) Rizkalla Brothers Limited, an Israel-based greenhouse manufacturer, is planning to form joint ventures with domestic strategic partners to bring its complete range of greenhouse solutions to the Indian market. The $40-million (approximately Rs 160 crore) family-run company is in talks with three business associates in the country, including one in Hyderabad, and expects to form joint ventures with them soon, Helmi Abu Much, president of Rizkalla Brothers, told Business Standard.

"Though greenhouse cultivation is still at a nascent stage in India, we expect this to grow by leaps and bounds, considering the increasing awareness among the farming community on the productive advantages through this technology", Much said, adding that the total area under greenhouse cultivation globally was estimated to be around 50,000 hectare, of which India accounted for only 200 hectare. Greenhouse cultivation offers 10 times higher productivity than in open-air cultivation.

Israel's green thumb seems to be touching the globe as they have previously aided Tibet and Nigeria, not to mention receiving some rare praise from the United Nations.

Hopefully Rizkalla Brothers Limited can give India a boost in food production, as well as spread their expertise to other regions of the planet less fortunate enough to raise their own crop.

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