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Monday, March 24, 2008

Since When Did The Shin Bet Start Blogging?

(Hat tip: Blog Herald)

It looks as if one of Israel's security agencies has started not one blog, but four!

Despite their secrecy, Israel's Shin Bet, (which is like the FBI in America) is starting to open up on cyberspace.

( Shin Bet agents are routinely involved in surveillance, interrogation and armed operations against Palestinian militants inside Israel and the occupied territories. The bloggers have technical office jobs.

Still, they guard their anonymity, using only silhouetted portraits of themselves.

One, called H, says she is a quality assurance engineer and took the job as it allows her to spend more time with her family. "There are things that I can't even tell my husband in detail," she writes. "At a family event someone asked where I work and had trouble taking a hint."

Unfortunately, unless Hebrew is your mother tongue (or secondary, something I am attempting to achieve), the site may be of little value to you.

The authors blog anonymously under Hebrew letters, and you can visit the "agent" blogs by clicking the links below.

While no one expects the Mossad to start blogging, it is good to see the Israeli government joining the "rest of us" in cyberspace. Hopefully more departments will open up in the future, as it is a great way to promote themselves to the public (not to mention over seas).

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