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Monday, March 31, 2008

China To Flood Israel With Tourists?

It looks as if Israel's previous tourism deal may be starting to pay off for as the rising Eastern power is opening its gates even more to encourage its own citizens to visit the holy land.

(Jerusalem Post) The Tourism Ministry is seeking for tour guides in the Chinese language in preparation for the arrival of 15,000 tourists to Israel in 2008. Chinese tourists will visit Israel following the signature on an agreement with the Chinese government that allows organized tour groups of visitors from China to travel Israel. [...]

"The tourism ministry works to adapt the Israeli product to the needs and the preferences of the Asian tourist in general and the Chinese tourist in particular, in order to boost the tourist potential to Israel from South-East Asia," said Shaul Tzemach, director-general of the Tourism Ministry.

With Kosher food invading the upcoming Beijing Olympics (which Israel is helping China secure), this should come to no surprise to those familiar with the Jewish state.

Israel and China both enjoy a strong economic relationship with each other, and this tourism deal may help revamp China's view of Israel (if it is not favorable there already).

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