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Monday, March 10, 2008

Tourists Just Keep Lovin' On Israel (January Stats)

(Hat Tip: Israel Times)

The Jewish state continues on its previous trend, with the first month of January reporting record levels of tourists visiting the holy land.

(Ha'aretz) The year 2008 may have started with blues in the capital market, but hotels are applauding. Incoming tourism broke all records, with 182,000 tourists visiting Israel in January, up 57% from the year before, when 116,000 arrived.

The previous record had been January 2000, when nearly 170,000 tourists came to Israel. Tourism industry sources estimate that for the year, about 1.9 million people will visit the country.

Whether one cites falafels, religious pilgrimages or the thirst for Mediterranean beaches, Israel is still drawing foreigners to visit its tiny Jewish state. Hopefully this trend continues, as Israel would love to show the world a side of itself very few get to encounter (outside their television sets that is).

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1 comment:

  1. Just for the record...John McCain is the only, yes only, candidate who can say he is pro-Israel. Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama are anything but that. Both have strong sympathies towards the "oppressed Palestenians". Remember when Hillary hugged Arafat's wife? do you remember her sentiments towards Israel during her husband's administration? Do you know that Obama will appoint Jimmy Carter as his cabinet advisor, as well as apointing other blatant anti-semites to the cabinet? How about Barack's pastor or affiliations with terrorist-friendly associates? How do you know, with Obama's Muslim up-bringing in Indonesia, that he was not indoctrinated in hatred of the west? You Israeli's REALLY have to brush up a lot on who you want for president. Under Hillary or Obama you will see the West Bank and Jerusalm go straight under your noses in a flash.


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