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Monday, March 10, 2008

A Colorful Way To Detect Cancer

(Image Credit: Zetiq, via Israel 21st Century)

Despite the fact that this disease is probably fairly well known to the western world, detecting this deadly disease is still a cumbersome process to most scientists and doctors.

Fortunately it seems as if Zetiq Technologies, an Israeli company, has not only developed a way to alert doctors whether or not cancer cells exist in a tissue sample, but created a "colorful chart" easy enough for a child to understand.

(Israel 21st Century) In conventional diagnostics, a large cell population will often contain only a very small number of malignant cells. Using traditional diagnostic techniques these cells are often undetected because they are so scarce in number, or because the distinction between the cells and the background is so minor.

Using CellDetect, the difference is clear. "It's like moving from a black and white TV to color," says Ami Eyal, the CEO of parent company Bio-Light Life Science Investments. "We bring a visualization tool into the field that will revolutionize the way people do diagnosis based on looking at cells. You can't miss the cells, they are red."

Another advantage over traditional tests and biopsies, says Elkeles, is the fact that the test can be used to detect a wide range of different cancers - no other diagnostic tool can do this he asserts - and in addition it can be used for drug development. "This has great clinical and business value," he tells ISRAEL21c.

This innovative device could help doctors accurately test thousands of patients without the worry of running into false positives (or at least significantly reducing the number).

Note: Zetiq Technologies, which is a subsidiary of Bio-Light has more information about the device kits over here.

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