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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Israel: Another Giant Leap For Hydrogen Powered Cars

(Image Credit: Jerusalem Post)

Despite the fact that another Jewish mind is pursuing hydrogen powered vehicles, it looks as if some Israeli innovation could bring about these energy wonders much sooner than we think.

(Israel 21st Century) Most hydrogen vehicles on the road use a liquid form of the material, which requires a super strong and super heavy storage tank. Liquid hydrogen is unstable and needs to be insulated from the excess shocks of bumps and potholes that are a part of everyday driving, so the tanks themselves are large and heavy, and hold at most 20 liters of fuel - enough for barely 250 kilometers of driving. [...]

The difference? C.En's tank uses hydrogen gas, collected from the environment (i.e. not produced from fossil fuels) and enclosed in a thin but leak proof glass container. The best part: You'll be able to buy your "gas" at automotive or discount stores, fueling up every 600 kilometers or so.

"We can build a 60-liter tank that can travel up to 600 km. and weighs no more than 50 kg.," Stern said, unlike tanks currently used for liquid hydrogen that weigh hundreds of kilos.["]

Stern's latest breakthrough has caused so much concern in the oil industry that according to the article they allegedly offered him $50 million to shelve the product.

Fortunately for us, Stern chose the higher path, and if successful his invention would allow consumers to simply store extra "hydrogen batteries" in their car trunks, popping them in only when they run out of fuel.

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  1. Does anyone knows the website of C.En ?




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