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Monday, March 17, 2008

France Going Ga Ga Over Israel?

(Hat Tip: Solomonia)

Ironically it seems that a nation once regarded by many to be Israel's "distant buddy" is now embracing their Jewish friend with open arms.

(Associated Press) His embrace of Israeli President Shimon Peres spoke of more than personal chemistry: Nicolas Sarkozy wants to rebuild France's frayed ties with Israel, notably by echoing its tough stance against Iran. [...]

And during a pomp-filled dinner Monday, Sarkozy lost no opportunity to assure Peres of his friendship, saying France will always work to ensure Israel's survival.

"Not from time to time, Mr. President — always," said Sarkozy. "And those who call in a scandalous, scandalous way for the destruction of Israel will always find France in front of them to block their route."

This recent embrace of Israel by the French may surprise many people, who may not realize that France has already expressed support for the missing IDF soldiers, not to mention finding ways of easing trade between the two nations.

Hopefully this trend will spread throughout the rest of Europe, as they have much to gain from aligning themselves with the Jewish state (hint: energy, cough, energy).

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