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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Video: ClassifEye Tech Could Guard Your Mobile Phone

In the digital age, the possibility of hackers stealing ones ID remains very high. In order to keep their customers trust, many companies have created systems to help distinguish client from impostor, with limited success.

Now it seems as if a new company from Israel called ClassifEye may enable people to safeguard their identification with "a touch" from their finger.

(Israel 21st Century) Enter the new fingerprint authentication technology developed by Israeli company ClassifEye, which can be used with nearly any mobile phone that has a camera, and eliminates the need for any additional hardware - like fingerprint sensors, USB keys and code generators - substantially reducing costs and accelerating mass market deployment. [...]

Instead of using costly sensors to read the user's fingerprint, ClassifEye's technology works with the existing mobile phone camera: the user just takes a picture of his finger. The software then authenticates the user's fingerprint and authorizes immediate access. It's a process that takes less than a minute, and is significantly more secure than a password.

Since an advanced mobile phone usually has Internet access, this technology will make mobile phones ideally suited for sensitive financial transactions, especially bank transactions where large sums of money are involved.

ClassifEye technology could make it easier for customers to feel safer making transactions with their credit cards, as well as help the industry fight credit fraud in the US (which is at a record high).

Unfortunately for Americans, many US phones may not be advanced enough to handle the software (unlike half the planet), but hopefully as ClassifEye's technology becomes more widespread, US phones will catch up with the rest of the western world.

Note: Video of ClassifEye via Israel Hightech TV. Click the image below to watch.

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