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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Israel To Advise China On Securing Olympics

Despite the fact that the 2008 Olympics are still many months away, China is leaving nothing to chance.

In an effort to ensure that the event remains secure for all, China is asking their Israeli friends for advice in securing the Olympics from possible threats.

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency) Israel will help Chinese security forces prepare for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

A group of senior Chinese police officers will visit Israel in March for specialized training in counter-terrorism and crowd control ahead of the summer Games, security sources said Sunday.

They said the Israeli advisers involved already are undergoing workshops on Chinese regulations and culture in order to ease communications with the trainees.

The last thing China (or any nation) desires is for this event to be interrupted by extremists as that would probably be embarrassing for the rising Asian power.

In turn, Israel will enjoy assisting the Chinese regarding security, as that means that their athletes will be provided with the utmost protection, as well as everybody else.

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