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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Israel Schools An "English Nation" About Spy Drones?

(Hat Tip: Danger Room)

When it comes to building air borne drones to discover whether locals nearby love you "or not," one may be hard pressed to find a better training facility than Elbit Systems.

Headquartered in Haifa, this school seems to be in great demand by an "English speaking nation."

(Defense News) What began in Haifa, Israel, as an ad hoc service to customers of Elbit’s Hermes line of UAVs has evolved in recent years — driven by customer demand — into a multidisciplinary training school. Instructors such as Yoni Peleg, Elbit's flight test and air operations director, are typically reservists in the Israel Air Force specializing in UAV operations, payloads and mission planning. [...]

"Many students come to us with no prior experience or no knowledge of basic principles of aviation and electronics. Our preparatory syllabus is designed to fill those gaps," said Itai Toren, Elbit's director for UAV programs.

Toren and other company officials declined to discuss their student roster or specific training packages purchased by customer nations. He noted, however, that the seeds for the UAV training school appeared in late 2000, when the company was required to put together an extensive training program for an English-speaking customer nation that he would not identify.

At first glance one would assume this to be the United States, but it seems as if this school has also graduated people from Australia, England and Canada as well.

Regardless who their main customer is, teaching people on how to use drones will help cut down on causalities, as it is much easier to lose a robot than a person in battle.

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