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Friday, November 09, 2007

Bio-Diesel: Can Israel Lead The Market?

(Image Credit: Asia Times)

Often pursued as an alternative to diesel, bio-diesel has the potential to help reduce our dependence on expensive energy sources that often leave our planet in a "not so happy" mood.

Unfortunately bio-diesel, like bio-fuel, may be one of those "too good to be true" alternatives, mainly because there is not enough water to feed the plants we eat, as well as run our cars.

Despite this, some Israeli researchers feel that their nation could play a vital role in helping our planet become more energy independent.

(Globes Online) Israel can become a global leader in the development of crops for biodiesel production, concludes the 7th Energy Forum Samuel Neaman Institute for Advanced Studies in Science and Technology at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology. The forum aims to position Israeli renewable energy research and industry on the world map.

The participants at the forum believe that Israel has the know-how to help develop the global biodiesel industry, since the idea is to grow crops for biodiesel and bio-ethanol production in arid lands, such as the Middle East, in order not to use fertile soil currently used to raise food crops for the production of energy crops.

While seperating energy crops from food crops is a good idea, most nations (Israel included) may not have enough water to actually keep "both lawns green," at least enough to make a sizable dent in the market.

Fortunately Israel is already experimenting with ways grow crop near salty water, which may enable us to not only have enough water for our energy crops, but perhaps enable us to replace fossil fuels with bio-fuels in the future.

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