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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More Orthodox Jews Joining The Israeli Air Force?

Haredi (or Orthodox Jews) are one of the few Israeli citizens exempt from mandatory service within the Israeli defense forces (or IDF). While most Israeli's are expected to serve within the military, Orthodox Jews are often given the option to abstain in order to continue their religious studies.

Despite the above option afforded to them, it seems as if 40 Orthodox Jews have decided to help defend their country by enlisting in the Israeli Air Force.

(Ynet News) The first ever group of Orthodox Jews was recruited into the Israel Air Force (IAF) last week as part of project "Blue Dawn", Yedioth Ahronoth reported Sunday.

In the framework of the project, 40 haredi men who had drooped out of their yeshiva studies, received training in areas such as aircraft maintenance, mechanics and the arming of fighter jets and helicopters. The recruits all have a low medical profile and cannot serve in combat positions.

Although there was some objection to this by the Haredi, overall this is probably a good sign for Israel. The IDF is already beginning to recruit Orthodox Jews from the Diaspora, which should help the tiny Jewish state defend itself against is rowdy neighbors.

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