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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Instead Of Email, Why Not Video-Audio Mail?

While sending a text message may be fun, sending a video message may be even better!

It looks as if a new Israeli company called Voice Me has launched a service that allows users to send audio and video messages to their friends for free.

(Globes Online) Israeli developer of IP voice and video messaging Voice-Me Ltd. is launching a new product. The company's beta website offers an alternative to e-mail. The site enables surfers to send voice and video messages to an e-mail address at no cost and with no need to download software.

While other sites such as YouTube and Odeo allow users to record video and audio respectively, as well as email messages to their friends, neither provide a simple way of doing both.

Voice Me may become a useful site, especially around the holidays, as it may be easier to express ones feeling on video than through text and images.

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1 comment:

  1. Hey, I have been fooling around with a lot of these sites, because, as you mention, it has been/will be a really great way to contact people over the holidays. I was really impressed by one called oovoo. It allows you to send video messages just like email and also has another cool function. It allows up to 6 people to participate in a video conversation at the same time. All my brothers adn sisters did it on Thanksgiving and it was pretty hilarious. It is also completely easy to use-it installs in one click. Check it out at ooVoo


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