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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Video: Extreme Reality As The Next "Nintendo Wii?"

An Israeli startup company called Extreme Reality is looking to take gaming to the next level by allowing players to allow their physical movements to be mimiced within the game virtually.

Although other systems such as Nintendo Wii (or games like Dance, Dance, Revolution) have pioneered this already for years, what separates Extreme Reality from the rest is that players will not need a remote control in order to partake of the fun.

(Israel 21st Century) This is XTR - Extreme Reality, a south Tel Aviv startup that has developed a technology that allows a user's three-dimensional body movements to be translated onto the computer in real time. When you run, so does the animated character in the game. When you throw a punch, or mimic the moves of tennis, the computer character does the same.

While many game developers are moving rapidly into this field, what makes XTR unique is that players don't require any special hardware to play these games. All they need is an ordinary webcam - something many computer users already own - and software. ThinkMinority Report, but without the glove.

What makes this technology really interesting is the fact that users can also apply similar movements towards "everyday business chores" which will probably make this software a corporate fad at offices around the globe.

Note: From the video, it looks as if the software is "WinXP friendly," although it would be great if they made this Linux, Mac and Windows Vista friendly as well.

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