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Monday, September 24, 2007

Google Israel Improves Google Trends

It looks like the Google Israel team has done a fantastic job at making Google Trends a lot more useful.

Globes Online highlighted that Google's offices in Tel Aviv had improved upon this product, which is confirmed when one visits the post on Google's corporate blog.

(Official Google Blog) Fortunately, Google Trends is now updated every day with the latest information. (Until now, Trends was only updated once a month.) Now we can follow the console race (or any other topic) every 24 hours, whether it's The Office vs Heroes or the candidates for the next presidential election.

In addition to daily updates, we've also created an iGoogle gadget and a feed for Hot Trends. If you have ever wanted to know what the Internet was thinking right now, Hot Trends can tell you just that. Hot Trends shows you what the fastest rising search queries are on Google. Now you can keep track of Hot Trends three ways: by visiting the site, adding the gadget to your homepage, or subscribing to the feed by adding the feed URL to Google Reader or your favorite feed reader.

This feature will probably prove to be quite useful, especially for marketing departments and politicians who desire to understand the pulse of the net.

Note: Who is more popular? Israel or Iran?

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