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Monday, September 24, 2007

Congress Rebukes Anti-Israel Insurance Companies

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Despite the fact that I work in the insurance field, I was a bit surprised to learn that there existed some insurance companies that displayed "business bias" towards those visiting Israel by charging higher premiums.

Congress seems to have been outraged by this, and the House just passed a measure banning this practice.

(Globes Online) The travel fairness provisions included in bill protect travelers from denial of life insurance, simply because they may plan international travel or have traveled internationally in the past. The bill is designed to protect passengers against insurance companies that refuse to sell life insurance policies on the basis of an applicant's past travel or future plans, or which charge a high and unwarranted premium on passengers with certain flight patterns. This practice particularly affects business travelers from the US to Israel, with the result that US executives of some companies have avoided making business trips to Israel.

Thanks to groups like the Anti-Defamation League for pressuring Congress to do the right thing. Hopefully the Senate can pass this bill quickly (and have Bush sign it) as Israel's tourism is already setting new records.

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