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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Israeli First: Shahar Peer To Advance To Quarter Finals (Tennis)

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Shahar Peer has made history by being the first Israeli to advance to the Quarter Finals in the US Open.

(US Open) Playing in her third US Open, No. 18 seed Shahar Peer has become the first Israeli woman in tournament history to reach the quarterfinals and is truly becoming a force to reckon with on the court. In addition, while making steady progress up the tennis rankings she is also making a strong impression on the hearts and minds of tennis fans. [...]

The 20-year-old Peer, who is also in the second year of her mandatory Israeli military service, displays an on-court tenacity that equals that of any of the other top players. Her focus during matches is unwavering and she is all business on each and every point.

Hopefully Peer advances all the way to the finals, although defeating the Williams sisters may take a miracle from on high (as to my knowledge usually one or the other dominates the game).

(Image: Shahar Peer in a Fourth Round match on Day 8 of the 2007 US Open. Credit: Rob Loud /

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