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Monday, September 10, 2007

Google's YouTube Squeezes Ahead Of Tapuz's Flix

It looks as if the search engine king's site YouTube has surpassed Tapuz as the number one "user generated" (aka web 2.0) site in Israel. Can Google be stopped?

(Globes Online) Video sharing site YouTube has overtaken local portal Tapuz as the most popular user-generated content site, reveals a survey by TNS/Teleseker for August. The survey found that YouTube came seventh with a weekly exposure rate of 26.9% compared with 25.4% in July. Tapuz fell to eighth place with 26.6% weekly exposure rate compared with 26.6% in July. However, Tapuz's video sharing site, Tapuz Flix, rose from 9.5% in July to 10.5% in August.

Tapuz owns a video sharing site called Flix, which seems to be very popular among Israeli's. Although Flix has also grown in traffic, YouTube seems to have surpassed both Tapuz and Flix altogether.

Google seems to be dominating the scene in the holy land, previously beating Walla as the top Israeli site, not to mention gobbling up an impressive startup as well.

Note: Could this be the reason why Google is expanding their office space in Tel Aviv?

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