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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Does The Fountain Of Youth Lie In Israeli Skin Cream?

(Hat Tip: Israel 21st Century)

It looks as if a new skin cream by Dr. Orit Bossi could not only make people retain their youthful image, but also protect peoples skin against harmful UV rays.

But what separates this cream out from similar products may reside in the fact that it can outlast its competition.

(Jerusalem Post) The new antioxidant, according to Bossi, is stable in high temperatures, soluble in water and does not easily oxidize, allowing it to retain its efficacy over a long period. [...]

Unlike sunscreens, which merely protect the skin from much of the harm of UV rays, Bossi said her antioxidant retards the aging of the skin. Unlike cosmetic preparations, she said her discovery "deals with the deepest layers of the skin and not only the epidermis."

Dr. Bossi was able to do an experiment of the cream using the skin cells of mice. After exposing a group of them to UV rays she discovered that the skin cells treated with her antioxidant skin cream seemed to be "much happier" than the ones without.

There is no word on when this cream will hit the market (as Dr. Bossi is still getting this product patented) although it may not be too surprising to see Bossi's "youth cream" outselling (or integrated with) the competition in the near future.

(Image Credit: Israel 21st Century)

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